New Beginnings

So what inspired us to start a Co-op instead of a conventional ‘business’?

Really it was more of a serendipitous process rather than a starting point, a chance meeting. The Outlandish Digital-Co-op were visiting Preston and happened to be in the Media Factory at UCLan talking to my good friends in Innovation Lab. Matthias (a pseudonym) explained how they were a successful Digital business in London that had decided to be a Worker Owned Co-operative, rather than a conventional business.

They were looking to collaborate and help form a similar co-op in Lancashire as some of them were northern lads and wanted to leave London for the bright lights of Lancashire in the not too distant future. Something to do with the frightening cost of trying to raise a family down south (amongst other things). It was the start of our education process.

Given the circumstances of each of the founding members of thePDF, it was the best option for lifestyle and the core beliefs of the team, with everyone having an equal say in what and how we do it. Not without its challenges.